Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Does your pastor love being a pastor?

I watched this about being a pastor and it blessed me.

Last week I went away on retreat for 24 hours with some church planters. We do this annually and it was wonderful to be encouraged by such a wonderful bunch of pastors and their wives. The book recommendation that came out of it was 'The emotionally healthy leader'

This week I am meeting for the day with MoM (I found this old post called 'Six Nuggets of Mountain chat) and I penned a few questions to help everyone prepare for Saturday:

1 When and where are you most experiencing the presence of God?
2 Where are you going for your spiritual life (e.g. church, times of wilderness/solitude/retreat)?
3 Are you reading the Bible for yourself?
4 What is God saying to you at the moment?
5 What has most encouraged you?
6 What book have you read that most impacted you?
7 What is giving you joy?
8 How is your work/family balance?
9 Are you taking a Sabbath?
10 Are you making love to your wife?
11 Are you spending quality time with your children?
12 What people/institutions/situations are blocking the pipe in your church/life?
13 Are you looking at porn/spending time with anyone who isn't your spouse?

I sat under Dr Michael Leyden's teaching for half a day last week and he inspired my about Barth

Rather slow on the uptake Mrs C and I are enjoying 'Homeland'. Someone last week recommended 'Blacklist' which might be worth checking out of you like a box set.

Another book a pal recommended on our planter retreat was 'Journey's of significance: Charting a leadership course from the life of Paul' by Neil Cole.

I have been reading 'The 39 Articles' with particular reference to what they say about Scripture. 

The chapter in 'Real Valour' about the Sovereignty of God floored me.

I rather enjoyed this little article about Church growth and here is the magic formula:

1. Live like Jesus.
2. Get out and meet people who don’t know Jesus.
3. When people ask about your weird but wonderful Jesus-y life, tell them about Jesus and bring them to His church.

My pal Rod has reviewed an important book on church growth that might be worth checking out. 

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