Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday musing

I spent Saturday with the Men on Mountains (but actually not on a mountain in Hertfordshire). My pal Will preached recently on Friendship and he included in the talk (31.1.16) the impact our group has had on him. Well worth a listen.

Mrs C's song of the season is this one.

I am off to listen to Mark Batterson teach who has been an encouragement to me. I have just ordered 'If'

I did a talk called 'The Bible in my life' which I thought was going to be not very good at all but turned out OK apparently. I tell a bit of my story in it.....

Like us all I am trying to work out what Europe is all about. Michael Gove, who is a Christian and seemingly quite sensible, has a few views that I read with interest. I do need convincing that leaving  is a good idea but like many of us must confess I have never given it much detailed thought. The next few months will be interesting.

Re:sound was recommended by a pal.

A book on Burnout.

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