Monday, February 01, 2016

Monday musing

1. Carson's 'Picture two Jews' story hit my heart when I watched it. It will yours too.

2. I reflected afresh on the impact Simon Walker had on me as an ordinand as I reread his book and thought about my own leadership. I do aspire to be as 'undefended' as possible which I always found a helpful leadership descriptor.

'If you want to know who someone is, do not look at them- instead, as my first boss said, 'Look at the spaces between them and others'. It is in the space that we will come to see who they are. It is the relationships that a person's character is revealed and their identity shown.' 

Subversive Leadership, p. 52

3. I enjoyed watching this about the Cayman Islands.

4. Transexuality is seemingly the chattering classes and Hollywood's subject of the moment. Melanie Phillips has a view.

5. I'm being blessed and helped by 'To die is gain'

6. I am preaching on Phil 2 and this post suggests humility=transparency.

7. I am pondering the curious maths of a growing church.

8. The main reason people leave a church

9. I am speaking at a Watoto event at Greycourt school tomorrow night.

11. 'Spotlight' film review  (h/t Jonny Baker)

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