Sunday, February 05, 2012

Who should be the next Archbish?

The Spectator ran an interesting article speculating on who might get the top job of Archbishop of Canterbury. Strangely Rod Liddle omitted to mention me :)

A pig just shot past the window.

Now there are apparently six names in the frame but if I might be so bold might I suggest a seventh (and there are more).

Imagine for a moment if there was a Bishop in the C of E (or dare I venture even others who are not yet garbed in purple) more interested in the gospel, church growth and a hopeful future than in managing decline and internal church politics and issues.

Imagine if there was someone who understood we are now required to be missionaries in our own land.

Imagine if there was someone who spoke often of evangelism, unity, growth, Jesus, prayer and revival.

Imagine if there was someone who was more interested in the glory of Christ than in the triumphing of their own tribe or their particular theological agenda.

Imagine if there was someone who knew how to grow churches and make disciples.

Imagine too if they were an evangelist (now there's a idea we haven't tried before)

Now imagine if you found such a man and then you took the extraordinary decision of giving him the job of leading the church in our nation.

Imagine what might happen to the church and the country if you did.

But where might one find such a man?

These words spoken a few weeks ago by a bishop in the C of E might offer a clue of at least one man and I found his words so hopeful, faith-filled and refreshing.

These are days when movements start from the ground up rather than top down and they rock nations.

Now would be a good time for that to happen in the C of E don't you think given our current major minus?

Do be praying for the crucial appointment of the next A of C over the coming months.

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David Keen said...

Or Steven Croft, or Graham Cray.

You can tell it's Synod time, there's always a 'who's going to replace Rowan' story around this time. Anything to distract from the main business!