Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For the pod: Discipleship

David Platt is the author of the excellent Radical and a preacher with extraordinary fire and passion for disciple-making. He says in this excellent talk called Disciple-making that Robert Coleman's "The master plan of evangelism" is the most important book he has read outside of the Bible.

He offers this quote from it:

"Disciple-making men and women is the priority around which our lives should be oriented. The great commission is not a special calling or a gift of the Spirit, it is a command- an obligation incumbent upon the whole community of faith. There are no exceptions: bank presidents and automobile mechanics, physicians and school teachers, theologians and home-makers, everyone who believes on Christ has a part in his work. The great commission is a life-style that encompasses every child of God. Here the ministry of Christ comes alive in the day by day activity of discipling whether we have a secular job or an ecclesiastical position. A Christ-like commitment to bring the nations into the eternal kingdom should be  part of it. If the making disciples of all nations is not the heartbeat of our life something is wrong- either our understanding of Christ's church or our willingness to walk in his way"


Philip. said...

I cannot rise to the eloquence nor passion of Robert Coleman. With these he traps himself in self belief and declamatory illusion. Just because you say it don't mean it has to be so. He makes an amalgam of belief in Christ and being a child of God. No-where can I read of a holy trinity. No-where can I read that surety, innocence and purity turns the hard-hearted from their dreadful ways. Nor that to err is everpresent requiring a continuance in the ways of the Lord for the betterment as we go into the future. Tub-thumping is merely theatrical. I know Robert Colmen is no tub-thumper but your paraphrase of his books makes him so.

David Cooke said...

Thank for the beautifully put thoughts .

Personally I love sharing the books that have greatly impacted others. Of course make of it what you will.