Thursday, February 09, 2012

It's worth it

Yesterday was an amazing day.

Guess what I did? First, I had lunch with some new friends from Bristol who read the blog. They happened to be in London as a family and sent me an email so we had lunch together. We talked about all sorts of things and then had a wonderful time of prayer. It was stunningly encouraging to hear their story and witness all God is doing in their lives and they were a true encouragement to me (we all need that). I had no idea that the bits and bobs I put here could be worked for any good but they seemingly have been quite profoundly in their lives.

I do sometimes wonder why I bother blogging and if it's worth it but a few people really do find it quite encouraging :)

Also yesterday, my sister won a prize and I am very proud of her. Thirty five years after she left school (or to put it rather more correctly the school helped her leave :) at 16 with no A-levels she has been awarded an Open University degree in psychology but not just that. Out of over 1800 students she came top. Not just a first but the top first in the country and so they gave her the special prize they have for that. She managed all this while being a single mum bringing up two boys. Amazing. Truly amazing. Well done sis! It was all worth it. She will hate that I have written this on the blog but tough :)

As it happens, I bumped into a friend on Tuesday by coincidence (not that we at all believe in that) and we both reflected that were it not for my sister neither of us would be Christians. She led my friend to the Lord. So if you enjoy this blog and it encourages your discipleship it is only here because my sister heard the gospel and came and told me. I am forever in her debt.

And the blog is a place where you might......

1. Be equipped to be a better evangelist by Tim Keller

2. Reflect on interesting things about what  it means to be a disciple

3. Be encouraged by 50 things to write in your journal

4. Hear of something called a 'Clearness committee'

5. Discover the best sermon ever preached? (strong stuff so you've been warned)

6. Find out that revelations happen while driving past UK service stations

7. Discover a song called Bones that deeply moved me on Tuesday night

8. See an inspirational ad that ran during the Superbowl

9. Encounter someone as wise a Ravi Zacharias

10. Or just be made to laugh


Real Exams said...
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Anonymous said...

"a few people really do find it quite encouraging"

Is it not the case that many more people read blogs than ever contribute? So if you know a few people find a blog helpful, chances are that many more find it helpful too, but just never get round to saying.

A similar principle to the one that if you receive bad service in a restaurant, you'll tell about eleven people. If it's great, you might tell one.

Expanding the principle to churches, it could explain why some have so few newcomers.

Hannah said...

Hi David, the friends you met with on Wednesday are some of my closest friends, and I had to smile when you wrote of the encouragement they gave you - they are a constant encouragement to me and it was Hannah who told me about your blog. Ever since, I have been so encouraged, deeply moved and challenged by your words - I so appreciate the wisdom, grace & kindness that you share here.
As 'anonymous' said, it is always the case that there are many more people who are encouraged here than those that make themselves known. Thankyou for using the teaching & leadership gifts that God has given you in this way.

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