Sunday, February 12, 2012

This week

It's so easy for me to want suffering-free discipleship.

The trouble is that is not the gospel.

All the beauty and angelic tones of Whitney Houston are no longer. Gone this week.

A husband who said to his wife of forty-five years as he did "I don't know you" as altzeimer's takes its grip this week.

Jesus-loving friends who walk though unfathomable gut-wrenching loss that I can only imagine this week.

Courage as cancer is battled this week.

And resilience needed once again as the cloud of depression settles for yet another day this week.

The line "It's coming" spoken in this sermon doesn't really take on reality until 'this week' becomes your week. 

I am going to think on the words "It's coming" as I break bread for my people today, many of whom know or have known what 'this week' looks like.

My 'this week' is coming too and now is surely the time to prepare for it (Romans 5:1-5).

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