Wednesday, February 08, 2012

For the pod: Authentic Christianity

Last year we preached through a series called "The Christian Atheist' inspired by a book by Craig Groeschl. This required us to look at the gap between what Christian's say they believe and how this works out in their (our) lives. This is never more so than when we are confronted by some of the really tough and extreme things that Jesus has clearly told us but so many ignore and even seemingly whole swathes of a denomination can manage to ignore. 

Why is there so little mission and evangelism in the church today? As David Keen asks so aptly have we just chosen the option of 'Rearranging the dog collars on the Titanic'? By the way, you'll be pleased to know that yesterday the General Synod spent the morning discussing adjustments to the levels of wedding fees which were then agreed which will be a huge relief to many readers (blog not lay or perhaps both:).

Now back to the sermon recommendation. This is a hard word and Keller in this talk Authentic Christianity from a series entitled 'The Hard Saying of Jesus' unpacks the idea of heaven and hell and judgement but does so managing to land us standing firmly in the place of grace (Romans 5:2). However, it is a prompter to awaken us afresh to the stakes and the shear height and depth of them. Would that the church might awaken too in these days.

This one is well worth a listen.

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