Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Someone like you

Yesterday was a rather heavy post.

Today is something lighter and a recommendation of some music.

The first cassette I ever wore out was by Iron Maiden, but things change.

A friend whose album I hope you will one day hear puts me on to lots of good music but he doesn't like female singer songwriters. They are just not his cup of tea. Now he may be right and Q's list of the Top 30 albums of the last 25 years agrees with him and contains no women. I think Q and my friend have a blind spot on this one. Imagine having a collection of music that didn't contain Tapestry, Blue, Other Voices Other Rooms, Stones in the Road, Tiger Lily, A few small repairs and I could go on and would even include Fearless (which won 'Best album at the Grammy's). I have confessed it before- I do enjoy a bit of country.

Now on to the album you should buy. You should do so before it becomes one of those that people say "Oh, I love the new album by Adele" and put it on at their dinner party. I hate that sort of album.

But here's the thing. I think 21 is work of genius sung but a woman with the voice of an angel. I like a bold claim so if you listen to a more stunning and moving song about lost love this year than 'Someone like you' then I will eat my hat. Hat and eat. It might make you cry, particularly if you know what it means to have loved and lost.

So may this song move you and this album introduce you into the joys of the female singer.

I don't care what Q think.

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