Wednesday, February 16, 2011

HTB Leadership Talks

HTB has provided a wonderful resource of talks from their Leadership conference. The main talks were first-class (they were filmed so you can watch them) some of the seminars were better than others and some pals were a bit disappointed with one or two. However, most of this seminar content is absolute gold-dust so take some time to navigate your way through it all. If you are a follower of Jesus you are sure to find something that will encourage or teach you.

These were the highlights for me:

1. Paul Scanlon 'The power of building a risk taking life': He leads a church in Bradford and his amazing reminder of the purpose of the church is a must listen for any church leader or church member. The church exists for those who are not yet coming and he explains why this must be using his own story. This talk will inspire you afresh to cope with mess, to risk and to try new things in your church. Don't miss this.

2. Sir Peter Vardy and Brian Souter: These guys run huge businesses and love Jesus. They share their stories and offer some wisdom for the church. Fascinating and a real nugget or two in these interviews.

3. Church planting: If you have any plans to plant churches (and if you don't then maybe this will enthuse you). This is a real 'how-to' and offers HTB's learning to all on the many issues of planting churches in an Anglican context.

4. Bishop Paul Williams 'Developing leaders around you': When you hear this you will find it hard to believe this man is a Bishop in the C of E but he is and it should encourage you greatly. He has stunning leadership gifts, vision, a passion for mission and a desire to transform London in his generation. It excites me what Paul may be able to achieve over the next 20 years. Do pray for him. Amazing stuff.

5. Pete Grieg: Many of you will know Pete as the founder of 24/7 and this final talk is compelling not least because it contains testimony to a wonderful miracle. Too much of today's church has ceased believing in a God who acts, restores life and heals and Pete encourages us to believe in these things afresh.

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