Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heroic followers

What a joy to spend a couple of days at HTB.

The joy was seeing such amazing friends and the encouragement that they are to me- they are all heroic followers - to quote Bishop Paul. I will point you in the next few days to the highlights of the conference.

As readers will know I am always recommending something and it was the Francis Chan talk on prayer that I pointed pals to. It will give any passion you have to pray a shot in the arm I think. Make time to listen to this talk. I say it again- make time.

I have also recommended Martha and Mary to loads of folks and many have listened to this talk with their husband/ wife. It is a great resource for a 'date night' and may lead to a good conversation and pray with the one you love.

I saw Chan speak at HTB last year on love and his book Crazy love is a great big kick up the backside for the evangelical church. He observes so much hypocrisy and a general lack of focus on the things that Jesus seems to want us to focus on. A good kick every now and again is no bad thing.

Who wants a life on a beam anyway?

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