Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"If you are young you must go"

Jackie Pullinger was speaking in Richmond at a little free church near us that we know and love. I love that at one moment she speaks at Westminster Central Hall (where I heard her a couple of years ago) to 3.5K and the next she has agreed to minister to 50 saints at a church weekend.

I first came across Jackie reading this passage in Chasing the dragon and having myself just received the gift of tongues her description of the use of this prayer language (1 Cor 12 to 14) fascinated me and I have remembered it ever since.

By the clock I prayed 15 minutes a day in the language of the Spirit and still felt nothing as I asked the Spirit to help me intercede for those he wanted to reach. After about six weeks of this I began to lead people to Jesus without trying. Gangsters fell to their knees sobbing in the streets, women were healed, heroin addicts were miraculously set free. And I knew it all had nothing to do with me."

She is now 65 and is still (actually more) burning with love for Jesus and ministry to the lost, the broken and the poor than ever.

Of her many words that my friend recounted to me one landed on my heart. It was her passionate missionary challenge that we answer the call to reach the lost who have not yet heard the gospel.

"If you are young you must go"

If you want to know what that might involve then listen to Doing missions when dying is gain.

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