Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mentoring questions

Last week, I read this post called 'Six great questions to ask leaders' and it landed with me so I copied it into my iPhone notes to reflect on it some more. I then spent two days at HTB and my pal Miles taught on these same questions and said they have found them to be the most useful they have found for mentoring and raising up leaders.  Twice in a week made me sit up.

As I reflect on them, I think everyone is mentoring someone. A parent encouraging a child, a friend encouraging a friend, a boss overseeing an employee or a teacher a pupil.

Do read the full post but these are going to be helpful to me and to you too I hope if you lead anything or mentor others.

1. How are you?
2. What are you celebrating?
3. What challenges are you experiencing?
4. What do you plan to do about those challenges?
5. How can I help you?
6. How can I pray for you?
7. Who is emerging?

If you want to read about this more you should get old of Exponential.

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