Thursday, December 09, 2010

Pay it forward

Pay it forward is a super little film. It is the backdrop to this blog- the hope that some may find something here that has blessed or encouraged me and find it blesses them and pass it on to another.

A friend and encouraging reader of the blog is chair of a charity that supports evangelists. Recently, they had their annual conference and in preparation she bought all the evangelists a copy of Crazy love. They were sent it before they met and she told me it bore rich fruit as they tumbled it's ideas and implications. She was kind enough to tell me this good news and it has put fresh zip in my desire to share things here.

I recently read a review about 'The hidden life of prayer' and it prompted me to get hold of the book. Maybe it's just me, but I know how important prayer is and have seen God work so often through prayer. Why do I therefore so easily neglect time with the Father? To be honest, recently my prayer life has been rather hard work and dry. Praying yes but not joyfully. Many a Christian may in an undefended moment admit as much. This book is a little piece of encouraging dynamite and at only 121 pages is very readable. Perhaps it may be the next one for the evangelist's?

Our youth group recently watched the new Francis Chan film called Follow Jesus as part of their studies on Philippians. It sounds well worth getting hold of and something perhaps to give away to others or a stocking filler.

I first came across Rosa Parks reading a wonderful book that had a deep impact on my life called Let your life speak. Here is a wonderful reminder of what can be unleashed when you refuse to move on a bus.

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