Friday, December 03, 2010

For the pod

We completed the Gospel in Life and Keller's last talk on eternity brought two grown men to tears as they listened. It was stunning stuff that you can listen to here- it's called 'Culture'. This will be really helpful for you if you seek to understand your purpose in work and it will also greatly encourage those with a bent to the arts. Hope it makes you blub with grace, love and hope too.

A talk for those who struggle with fear and for those with anxiety. Who isn't in one of those two boxes?

A question that everyone asks is "What about those who haven't heard the gospel?" and it has come up on my journey in Romans. I think everything will come up on this journey- at least everything my simple brain can cope with.  Here Piper brilliantly tackles the answer and you may need a pen a paper to follow the thought. Listening to him preach makes me feel both hopeless at preaching and very dim (both of these in an encouraging 'sit at Gamaliel's feet way').

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I was one of the people deeply moved by this session last night. So amazing to absorb this message and what it means we have in store. All problems are temporary and small compared to what lies ahead.


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