Friday, December 17, 2010

A Book List

One reader particularly enjoyed my use of the expression 'filly faddle' yesterday. What a great language English is.

The blogosphere at it's best can be such a generous place where we share things we are thinking about, watching, reading or listening to. As you may know, I do enjoy a good book list at this time of year and Buzzard has a splendid one that epitomises all that is good about blogging and being able to share the things you love across continents. You can't argue with a man who has Eugene Peterson at number 1.

If you wanted to share your book of 2010 then be a brave bunny and add a comment :)

1 comment:

tallandrew said...

Ok, I'll be a brave bunny. I enjoyed reading the novel Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy. (it is not one of his ridiculously long novels!). It is about a man called up for jury service and finds himself judging a young girl that he once knew. He realises that the may he treated her many years before led to her sitting in that dock. It sparks a journey of self-reflection and repentance. Very good indeed!

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