Saturday, July 25, 2009

Easily in but not easily out

I have been blogging for two or three years. In my corporate days, I was Belbin tested and came out as a 'Resource investigator'. 

What's that?

Well, in terms of contribution I am apparently: 

'Extrovert, enthusiastic, communicative, explores opportunities, develops contacts

My weaknesses are, so I learn:

'Over-optimistic once initial opportunity has passed'

Well, there you go. So, in a way, blogging suits me because I like to discover new things and enjoy sharing them with others. Some blogs are full of opinions but this is not often the case here. Usually, I just share a few discoveries, recommendations, books, talks and posts. I hope that it all broadly helps people live better, read more widely and love God more. Who can tell if that is the case. I don't get blog stats or know if any one reads anything I write-if they do that's great.

However, recently I have been thinking about the internet, blogging, iplayer, facebook, twitter and so, as it turns out, has Tom Wright. 

Here are his musings.

I also read this very amusing article by Rod Liddle on Twitter and Facebook but his conclusions had a sting in the tail that seemed to hold truth.

"This is the generation which has bequeathed to the world reality television, the cult of the celebrity, first-person confessional journalism and the mass hysterical emoting at the funerals of people they have never met, let alone known. I suppose, if we were to grope for a reason, we might say that it was the first generation for a very long time which lived without the depredations of war and thus the prospect of imminent death; which threw off the notion of a higher authority than itself and was schooled in the art of self-expression rather than the acquisition of knowledge."

So here's the rub.  I am going to stop blogging for a while. I have a big project on Jonathan Edwards to do and so much to read. Listening to this talk also helped me reflect on the use of time and about prayer and really landed on my heart. As it happens, I am preaching on the heart tomorrow morning. 

I know my four readers may be a bit sad. But it is good to take a blogoliday and I think I will be back. 

Who knows and maybe with something different

We'll see......


Wayne Massey said...


As another Resource Investigator, what am I suppossed to do whilst you are away...

I know a man who knows Belbin, he too is a Resource Investogator!


Anonymous said...

Having just got back from a soaking wet New Wine and logged straight into your Blog page (after Ebay of course) I am now distraught to hear your proposal!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog - maybe just a weekly input? short and sweet? but then I can talk, I stopped doing mine a while back too..... hope you are well dear friend. Greece good? Stewards Trust was AMAZING, can't wait to talk x