Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Advice for new Christians and old

I read a John Newton letter this morning called Causes, Nature, and Marks of a Decline in GraceGranted, not a catchy title, but rich in wisdom. The central discussion is what are the plusses and minuses of the new birth fervour of a believer. I would commend  the reading of this for a new Christian or one who feels they may have slightly lost their mojo (a complex theological principle). This is not an easy read but is worth taking some time over.

This is the section for one wishing to retrieve those 'bright moments':

"If the question is—How are these bright moments to be prolonged, renewed, or retrieved? We are directed to faith and diligence. A careful use of the appointed means of grace, a watchful endeavor to avoid the occasions and appearances of evil, and especially assiduity in secret prayer, will bring us as much of them as the Lord sees good for us. He knows best—why we are not to be trusted with them continually. Here we are to walk by faith, to be exercised and tried; by and by we shall be crowned, and the desires he has given shall be abundantly satisfied!"

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