Saturday, July 18, 2009

Singing in the rain

Yesterday evening was one of those evenings. It was the Monk Club music festival in Terrace gardens in Richmond and it ended up being a joyous affair.  At the start of the evening it looked as though rain may well stop play. However, instead of abandoning hope, possibility was birthed as we moved from the rain to the inside of a wonderful cafe and then the singers sang, the musicians played and we, young and old alike, looked on in delight.

The Monk Club, run by Simon Klein and friends, celebrates music, community, creativity and life in this fine city we live in and brings together all sorts of musicians once a year for a festival. Somehow, as I looked on at Simon and his band leading us all in song and all the joy in this tiny cafe I caught the tiniest glimpse of heaven and of grace. There were probably no more than 40 of us but it seemed like a mighty throng in such a small space. 

Trevor spoke about Karis Kids and we passed round the plate for them, Patrick and his friend on the Sax did an impromptu set with Patrick's very talented daughter Emily (check out her myspace page) and Tim, Ted, Katie, Andy and  Mike on base and Wurlitzer played too. And of course, Beth and Lizzy deserve special mention for their excellent backing vocals sung with Simon's daughter Sarah (which included at one point some excellent doo-wop dance moves).

And here is the good news. We had such fun that the cafe asked us all to do it again in August. Do come (but not too many of you or we won't fit in!)

Buy the way, The Simon Klein Band has an album out called Puppet and you can download Berlin Berlin here. 

Tell everyone.

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