Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lewis awakened

This morning I awakened early to this story and it prompted me to reach for the my copy of Great Revivals and read again the chapter on the Hebrides. It seems ridiculous in these godless days to think that the 'Fear of the Lord' may still be alive enough in some not to want to shop instead of worship. One Scottish minister on Lewis spoke on Five Live with holy words. 'Are you better off now that you have ignored God and the bible?"

The answer is quite clearly no.

But this was not a debate about the Sabbath. To understand it you have to know the hand of God on history. Two women, Peggy Smith and her sister Christine started to pray in 1949. They waited and they prayed and then the Spirit came.

"When Duncan [Campbell] and his friends gathered at the church in the morning, the place was crowded. A stream of buses came from every part of the island, yet no one could discover who had told them to come. A butcher in his van brought seven men from a distance of seventeen miles: all seven were gloriously converted. Now revival was really under way. The Spirit of God was at work. All over the church men and women were crying for mercy. Some fell into a trance, some swooned, many wept.'

Great Revivals Page 114

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