Saturday, June 06, 2009

Being a real man

Just had a fantastic couple of days fishing on the Test. I caught 4 amazing trout.

Now I have returned to the city and am offering my trout to friends. My favourite people are those who are happy to take a trout from me un-gutted and do that themselves. They are few and far between I am finding. I don't mind girls blubbing a bit at the thought of gutting a fish but it's the sort of thing a grown man really should know how to do. Food didn't always come covered in clingfilm with the word Tescos on it.

So, do you know how to gut a fish? 

It is surely one of the marks of a real man.


Anonymous said...

No it isn't! By your own standards show it to me from the Bible?! I'm glad you had a nice time but there's no need to go all "John Eldridge" on us.

tallandrew said...

I was given 10 woodpigeons by a parishoner. Ther were shot but otherwise complete with guts heads and feathers. After watching this - I was quite proud of myself for doing it!

David Cooke said...

Well done Andrew and Pete stop being such a bible no all- just cos you've got a leather ESV! There's nothing wrong with a bit of Eldridge ever now and again:)

Anonymous said...

That anoymous isnt me! Im in Hungary so there.
Here you have to gut your meat when it arrives cooked on the table. . .

Rubbish says Karin. We ate in McDonalds one night.