Tuesday, June 09, 2009


This morning I hear Tony Blair is launching his 'Face to Faith' initiative which will no doubt cause some comment.

A street preacher threatened with arrest.

The publication of Bishop's expenses in the Lords make for very interesting reading as Ruth Gledhill reports. 

Time Magazine has an interesting article on The future of work

Snippets of Keller on everything under the sun.

A tale of two preachers.

A report of a pastoral failure includes some sobering stats at the end of the post for those who lead God's people.

A couple of good posts on our addiction of entertainment-Part 1 and Part 2

Finally Jonathan Edwards on having resolve-in his view Christians must have both zeal and resolve. 

May this be so.

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Anonymous said...

Never mind what the Street Preacher said or didn't say - that Thomson Store behind him has got holidays from just £169.

Get down there now - if you don't trip over his flippin boards on the way in!