Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to work out your sacred pathway

I emailed the Bell Compassion film to some friends, one of whom I saw last night. He clicked on it and saw that it lasted 11 minutes. "Is it going to be worth 11 minutes of my time?" was his question to me. Only you can decide.

I am preparing to speak on the Lord's prayer so have been re-reading a few books on the shelf. Yancey's book on Prayer is very thought-provoking and Barth's little book is also very helpful. I have also read Lloyd Jones on the Lord's prayer in the Sermon on the Mount.

One book I have been particularly reminded of is a section in Courageous Leadership where Hybels refers Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas. The premise is that we are all shaped differently so we all pray differently. I have been reflecting on this idea during this week

If you don't have time to read Gary Thomas here is a link for you to work out your sacred pathway

Please do try and do this in less than 11 minutes:)

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