Thursday, June 04, 2009

Traveling Pastor

I went to see Third Day last night at the HMV Forum when a friend rang to say someone in her office had spare tickets. Such a great night. What a fantastic band and bunch of guys. 

I'll be honest. I am not sure 'Christian' and 'Rock band' should be in the same sentence. In this instance I stand corrected. I have never been to a gig with so much grace, humour, faith,prayer, generosity and worship. It deeply moved me. Oh, and by the way, we built a church in India with our offering. 

If they tour again, go and see them and take friends.

One thing that interested me was they had a 'Traveling pastor' while on tour- a nice Welshman. Sounds like a great gig if you ask me. I am going to see U2 in August. I wonder if they need a TP and if so do give Bono my name.

Here's what you missed.

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