Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The problem may be bigger than we realize

I share a couple of things people said to me yesterday. 

Two secondary school boys witnessed a big church event (to the C of E not as you will see to the assembled throng) in their school and thought it was: 

"The most boring thing we have ever had to do at school"

Later in the day, a man who has started coming to our church was telling his friend of his church-going

Here is his friend's reply:

"Gosh, do people really still go to church?"

Oh dear me.

The task may be even larger than I imagined


Anonymous said...

I think it really means that Maths is not as boring as it was when we were at school. . . and that Sunday car boot sales are beginning to lose some of their appeal.
The task is not as large as you imagine!

David Cooke said...

Has Maths ever not been boring! I speak as one who spent many an hour looking out of the window.

Anonymous said...

That's why stained glass was invented - to stop the congregation looking out the window!