Monday, December 29, 2008

Music of 2008

Steve McCoy offers up his recommendations of the best albums of 2008..

It got me thinking on the music that I have enjoyed in 2008. Music for me is so often associated with people and places. My album of the year is Glory Revealed which I have listened to more times than I can count so thanks to Si for his recommendation. Also Where the light is which is the most stunning live music I've seen in ages. Duncan and Sonja introduced me to Amy McDonald and her annoyingly catchy tunes have been running around my head in recent months. Soul Survivor was a great memory from 2008 and the sound of all all our teenagers singing Whoa from This is our God as I pulled into the car park in our minibus at church makes me smile. My sister gave me an album by Rosie Thomas which is hauntingly beautiful. My pal Will used a song by Casting Crowns in a talk called the Altar and the Door which has stuck with me- the album of which I was given for my birthday and it's great. Kim Walker's wonderful album Here is my song is another one I have played and played together with We cry out. Trevor and Kate gave me the new Kathryn Scott album I belong and the song based on Romans 8 got into my DNA. Finally, Jo introduced me to Third Day and Chronology 1 has been played in my car often.

Anyway, I am sure there is more but I hope some of this may be happy listening for you.

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