Tuesday, December 30, 2008

10 best reads of 2008

Some like to list books published in 2008 i.e new books but I prefer to reflect on the books from any year that have crossed my path in these last 12 months. Thinking back, there have been quite a few so selecting a top ten has been fun. Lots that I enjoyed didn't make the list-there were some novels and poetry that I loved. The Shack of which I had reservations didn't make it but in terms of impact on the Christian world and dialogue perhaps should have. Driscoll nearly had two or three in my list and John Fowles journals were unputdownable but very particular to me and possibly without broad appeal (worth taking on holiday if you want to spend it with a self-obsessed wayward atheist genius). I enjoyed Yours Jack but haven't quite finished it yet and also a couple of good books on evangelism Dever's and Questioning Evangelism.

As I was preparing this list, I happened upon a fascinating article by Karl Rove called Bush is a book lover (H/T J Taylor). Over 100 in the year and the bible from cover to cover which is not bad going when trying also to run the world! Finally, obviously the two Tim Keller books are givens as my books of the year so below I list the best of the rest:)

1. Martyn Lloyd Jones Volume One and Volume Two by Iain Murray

2. And the lamb wins by Simon Ponsonby

3. Good to Great by Jim Collins

4. The Disciplines of Grace by Jerry Bridges

5. Why we are not emergent by DeYoung and Kluck

6. Sex, Sushi and Salvation by Christian George

7. Death by Love by Mark Discoll

8. Explosive preaching by Ron Boyd-McMillan

9. The Irresistible Revolution Shane Claibourne

10.Embracing Grace Scott McKnight

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