Monday, December 08, 2008


Here are a few things that caught my eye. Not many-been rather busy doing lots of stuff.

10 notable Top 10 lists (H/T T. Challies)-HERE

20 books you should read in your twenties (granted, I am not in my twenties but some are also, maybe, just maybe, you can read them if you are a bit older.-HERE

The internet monk's seven observation's for parents-HERE

20 unusual churches-HERE

Books make good presents (although these may only appeal to theology nerds)-HERE

A couple of Tim Keller interviews-HERE

There are a few good short posts on keeping Spiritual passion alive-HERE

Finally, this morning I went on an adventure to get the church Christmas tree with Adam and Tricia and got into a conversation about election, choice and total depravity. It all came from the fact that I spoke at something recently and on Sunday one person responded on the basis of what I said (of the 200 who where there). Adam was at the angel end of the tree defending Arminianism and I was at the root putting the case for election. Oh the things we find to while away a festive morning in Richmond. In response, a cheery Christmas post on Total Depravity!

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Anonymous said...

Strange! I spoke to Tricia today and the only thing she mentioned was that the tree was a little too big and Adam would be chopping some off the root end. How does that fit into the debate?!