Thursday, March 06, 2008

Toe-tapping Thursday

It has been a good week. Yesterday, I went to Christchurch Fulham where a number of Pastor's meet every couple of months to encourage one another and pray. It was fun to see a few old friends. Stuart spoke on wisdom and revelation and how we discern the difference. The places for the May conference and filling up so for anyone interested now is the time to get ourself booked in. Keller has been speaking to the employees at Google which seems to have gone down well.

Here is some new music that I have been listening to and enjoying. A New York singer songwriter called Jay May who sings the wonderfully catchy Gray or Blue and a lass called Nitasha Jackson. A couple of others are a band called Okkernil River and Black Kids whose song 'I'm gonna teach my boy' has a guitar rift that reminds me of the Cure.

Had fun in my friend Sonja's school speaking to them on their 'Vocations Week' about what it means to be a Vicar. I told them my story and then did half an hours Q&A on anything they wanted to ask me. Spoke to six classes and just loved it.

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