Friday, March 28, 2008


I have joined up to facebook.

Now, I have in the past been very rude about facebook and at the time I think with good reason. I called it 'social pornography' among other things as I remember. Firstly, I was in a state of anger (never wise to offload opinions when angry) because someone signed me up without my knowledge and caught me on a bad day (not their fault at all) and I had, and still have, strong views on what I think real friendship is. But I also realize that sometimes you are able and allowed to change your mind. I am after all in the 'changing your mind' business.

This is one of those times, prompted in part due to some thinking, listening and reading I've been doing about blogs, technology, social networks, getting the message out and church. At a clergy training day recently, one of our number told us that his Vicar has no mobile, no email, no internet connection and will only answer the landline when he is not with someone else. He clearly has an extreme discipline and view on communication!

So, perhaps wary of my own propensity to become such a being, I have decided to join up and see.

Am I forgiven?

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