Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Church Websites, Sin and the Danes

Here are a few links that might be interesting. A pal of mine Will has just relaunched his church website at St Andrew's Oxford and it looks pretty cool . He got the idea for it from Al, who we were at college with, and who has planted a church in the US called City Church Charlotte. If you think you have a good church website check out this which lists the 80 Best Church Websites. There is nothing like a bit of mega-church to astound you on cold Wednesday in March.

There is an interesting article entitled 'Has the notion of sin been lost?' in USAToday and The Reason for God gets a quote

Music wise, I happened upon this splendid woman called Tina Dico who is a Danish singer songwriter and who is really very good. Her album is called In the Red and is getting rave reviews. Now, come on, name me any other Danish singer.

I thought so.....

Here too is a great duet between Ray Lamontagne and Damien Rice worthy of a listen again.


Pete said...

Another Danish singer? Well you have obviously never heard of Guus Meeuwis and his song 'Per Spoor', better known as 'KEDENG KEDENG'
See it at
(but don't ask any Danes what it's about!)

Pete said...

Oops! Just realised he's actually Dutch! Oh well - it's still a good song.