Friday, March 28, 2008

Habits-The seven habits of a semi-effective preacher

I found Explosive Preaching to be a hugely helpful book and plan to spend the next month re-reading it, applying it and really squeezing the juice out. This is an Alexander Whyte "Sell your shirt and buy this book" and my thanks to my pal Simon Ponsonby for putting me on to this. For those who may never read it, here are Boyd-MacMillan's own habits that have helped him over the years.

1. Voyage around your lectern with the giants

I love this one. He says get yourself a lectern and literally perform aloud the sermons of a great preacher. He recommends 20 Centuries of Great Preaching as source material.

2. Develop a daily liturgy

His includes an opening prayer, St Anslem's prayer, The McCheyne Reading Plan, some poetry, art, hymns etc

3. Keep a tiny verse book

He learnt this from a Chinese Christian. You need to read the story!

4. Find suffering people to teach the faith to you

5. Read a great book each week

6. Use phylacteries for praising

A phylactery is a small leather box containing Hebrew texts. He suggests finding find something physical to help you praise- stones, finger beads etc

7. Build yourself a cell

Again he learnt this from a persecuted Chinese Christian called Wing Ming Dao. Being locked up for 20 years drew him to the Lord and his advise is...'Simplify your life, so that you have time to know God

The last chapter of the book is an account of how the persecuted church do discipleship called the Chinese are coming which is worth the price of the book in itself.

If you are a preacher BUY THIS BOOK

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