Saturday, December 29, 2007

Who do I want to make myself?

One of the 50 questions I have been pondering is 'Who am I' and had not made much progress. Before I had really reflected on this question I came across a quote and it changed the question and rather improved it. Here it is.

"I must register a certain impatience with the faddish equation, never suggested by me, of the term identity with the question, "Who am I?" This question nobody would ask himself except in a more or less transient morbid state, in a creative self-confrontation, or in an adolescent state sometimes combining both; wherefore on occasion I find myself asking a student who claims he is in an "identity crisis" whether he is complaining or boasting. The pertinent question, if it can be put into the first person at all, would be, "What do I want to make myself, and what do I have to work with?" Erik H Erickson 'Identity, Youth and Crisis' Page 314

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