Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Do you believe in God?

I awaken every morning like most do to the radio. My station of choice is Five Live and their breakfast show is the Today program with a sense of humour. This morning, the new leader of the lib-dems Nick Clegg very bravely agreed to answer ANY question that was thrown at him in quick-fire succession. The third question you could tell completely took him by surprise. "Do you believe in God?"...... there was a long pause and then he said "No".

As with all things he now has to live out what he said sincerely and honestly in a sensitive and analytical political climate. He has since qualified his assertion with the news that 'His wife is a Catholic', though how the two are linked is not entirely clear. This was an excellent and revealing radio format and all credit to Clegg for his honesty and frankness in the face of some really tough questions. We should put more of our sound-bite, media managing leaders under this penetrating spotlight.

More of this please Five Live

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