Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Balfour and the 'Destiny of Britain'

Just been to see the screening of a film about the history of the relationship between Israel and Britain. It is called the Destiny of Britain and was quite thought provoking stuff about the Balfour Declaration. I was the source of much humour and derision amongst my pals for my not thinking that Israel automatically means the church under the New Covenant and have commented in the past on my respect for Dwight Pryor who I listened to teaching on this subject earlier this year. What struck me about this film is that many of my heroes of the faith were included and so for that sake, amongst others, it is worth a watch. Simeon, McCheyne, Spurgeon, J C Ryle, Moody and the Wesleys, not to mention the Puritans. Will no doubt cause a thought-provoking Christmas debate among the few who are interested.

There is a good new biography of Balfour just out for those like me who need to read more on this subject.

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