Sunday, December 30, 2007

Things you and I missed in 2007

I have recently subscribed to Prospect Magazine which is a good and sometimes challenging read and keeps the grey matter on its toes. They had a good article this month about the most overrated and underrated things of 2007 and here are a selection:

A TV series called The Wire was the 'most brilliantly achieved and sophisticated drama ever made for television. Orbitals 'Live from Glastonbury' was a 'masterpiece' and apparently 'they are to electronic music what Dylan is to folk'. The biography we missed was Sylvia Queen of the Headhunters and the foreign film was a Palestinian film called Out of Place. The Wigmore Hall was the venue we unwisely neglected and is 'the greatest source of spiritual pleasure in Britain'. Charles Taylor's The Secular Age is 'a major intellectual event ' but sound rather thick and complicated. The documentary called 'The Bridge explored suicide and is a 'profound and beautiful story of love, loss and despair.' The most underrated polemic was 'Who controls the internet: Illusions of a borderless world' and the piece of history was Daniel Mendelsons; The Lost:A Search for Six of the Six Million.. Other things we missed were the London Jazz Festival and the films Superbad and Death at a Funeral which was 'the most underrated film of the year'.

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