Thursday, May 03, 2018

Thursday thoughts

1. One of our groups is group of mum's exploring what it means to raise children who follow Jesus. I spotted this new book called 'Devoted'

2. I loved reading this which made the point that reading can awaken revival and has done.

3. I do try and keep a not very watchful eye on the C of E's debates about human sexuality. The latest is that The American Episcopal Church wants a liturgy for 'gender-neutral marriage'.  I understand 'gay-marriage' though don't think it should carry the title 'marriage' and the C of E still holds to the view that marriage is between a man and a women. I had little idea what exactly the phrase 'gender-neutral' meant and my normal practice is to turn to Ian Paul. Happily he's done a piece on this latest wrangle and before reading it I assumed it's about two 'intersex' (the 'i' in LGBTI) people wanting to be married? Don't know about you but I am struggling to keep up as the sexual universe becomes increasingly more complex.

4. Someone recommended 'There is more' to me.

5. I have had Ephesians 5:14 on my heart for days.

6. Such fun having a room full of folk in our home to learn how to pray. I cooked and 'the laity' taught -wonderfully.

7. Mrs C sent me this to watch on Revival

8. The Prayer Course is brilliant. More please Pete.

9. I discovered a pal who I worked with 25 years ago in Moscow is on the run from the HMRC. How lives take a different course. It's never too late to wise up. I would send him this book if I could track him down.

10. A lot of people think, in the C of E, all roads lead to the Bishop. They don't. They lead to the Archdeacon's. Pray for them.

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Anonymous said...

Point 2, about the value of reading, is brilliant - thank you so much for this link (and all the others over the months/years).

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