Sunday, May 13, 2018


I have got to know someone recently who has this written as a tattoo on his inner forearm:

'No man liveth unto himself'

He told me that part of the reason he did it was the impact of reading a book called 'The Vision and the Vow'. If someone permanently imprints their body after reading something then you might want to get hold of that book. It arrived on Friday and I finished it this morning. So many things from reading it made an impression on me but the story of Pete Greig's dad moved me most. He was a very un-ordinary ordinary man like my own father, who I miss desperately.

'When the Holy Spirit fills our lives, we begin to want what God wants and to see what God sees. In His grace, God interrupts our mundane little lives and calls us to follow. As we obey, our hearts are changed. The old covenant of our selfish motivation and "far-off" vision is replaced with a new covenant written on our hearts, and we now share God's priorities, longing for the fulfillment of His will whatever it may cost. The sacrifices of obedience are outweighed by the joy of being chosen to walk, one step at a time, in relationship with God'

Vision and Vow, p.85

In other news, we are getting involved with Joy @ Kempton.

'Why did it take 34 for years for someone to tell my husband and I about Jesus'

I am going to this tonight to pray for it. Do join me.

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