Friday, May 18, 2018

Leadership reflections

I went to LC18:

1. 'Know you are loved- that's the secret of leadership' Nicky Gumbel

2. I confess I wasn't looking forward to hearing John C Maxwell as I thought he was going to tell me lots of things I should be doing as a leader and make me feel awful. He didn't. He simply cried while telling us the gospel. What an amazing man.

3. Bishop Kivengere was quoted who said

"Revival begins in the home before there is a Revival in the church"

4. We were at one point told to pray 'our best prayers' which we thought was an odd phrase.

5. Nicky Gumbel thinks 'Just mercy' is the best book he has ever read. Bryan Stevenson was without question the standout talk- stunning. It wasn't recorded but this is his TED talk.

6. The phrase' God works in the cracks and the interruptions' struck one of our number

7. 'Turn the ship around' was another strongly recommended book.

8. I am still saddened by Bill Hybels not 'Finishing strong' which is a book we should all now re-read.

9. This was the song of the conference by Brook Fraser who lead worship

10. John C Maxwell described leadership as 'Postitively influencing people'

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