Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday bits

1. I have been captivated by the recipes of Ottelengi (which I got given for Christmas). Saffron chicken and hazelnuts.....

2. Cory Ashbury's album has been going around in the car. The line from one of his songs 'We couldn't earn it, we don't deserve it' I included in this mornings sermon. It's true by the way.

3. A member of our church is being so encouraged by All things new. You need to hear his story to know why it's being a help.

4. We always have testimony at our annual church meeting. The church is a people.

5. Adrian Warnock's blog has been a real encouragement to me down the years. He's quite sick and would value our prayers.

6. We are going to this on May 10th which is part of this. If you haven't read Dirty Glory do.

7. I played this song in church today.

8. I am going on this in September.

9. Alpha starts here on Tuesday 7.30. Tell anyone who might like to come.

10. We had 16 pastors at our prayer meeting last Thursday. Finding us all on our knees repenting made me think somethings up.

11. A week until this.

12. Lots of Connect groups running this term which is exciting. My FOMO wants to be at all of them so I have narrowed it to three. Sadly, I don't qualify for 'Ladies running'.

13. There is a prayer walk for Barnes this Sat (May 5th) @ 10am- leaving from HT Barnes.

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