Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday musing

1. Met for a good time of prayer at 7.15 am.

2. John Calvin said 'There is not one blade of grass, there is no colour in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice.'

3. I played 'Blinded by your grace' in church yesterday.

4. I enjoyed reading -A pastors week.

5. I have been listening to Beautiful Eulogy

6. I met a man who runs Intercessors for Israel at the invitation of a pal for lunch. Interesting discussion around the table about 'the land' which we didn't all agree on. One of our number had been impacted by Matt 5:5 suggesting Jesus said 'Blessed are the meek who shall inherit the land' (not  'earth' as the NIV has it). I am going to look it up and study the verse. 'God is for us' has helped me on this emotive subject.

7. I have been given a talk to do with the title 'Known water- New winds'

8. A friend has just published this called 'The Gift of Blessing'  

9. I like this suggestion to pick one theologian and study him for a lifetime.

10.  I started a sentence today saying 'I am not very bright...' My school grades bear this out.


Mark Collinson said...

Hi Dave,
Try this Grove Book on the land in order to clarify some thoughts on the inheritors of the land of Israel:

Colin Chapman has done a lot in this area.

Yours, mark

Anonymous said...

And for some balance in perspective, 'The New Christian Zionism' ed Gerald McDermott - a set of scholarly but readable chapters by theological academics who think God is working out his covenant and prophetic promises in Israel today.

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