Tuesday, October 04, 2011

For the pod

A few in my church are hugely admiring of Kenny Borthwick (some are what one might call fans:) and recommend these talks called 'The Father and his Sons' (If you don't yet know that Jesus loves YOU then you should make time to listen to this teaching). He is a wonderful and v funny Scottish preacher and a joy to listen to. A friend listened to How to Change three times in a week and was still hearing new things. True Greatness is a belter from the Luke series. Michael Ramsden is on great form 'Courage, Christ and Finishing the Mission' and this Q&A is well worth catching on how to discern a call to mission. Driscoll vs Wilson on Spiritual Gifts (Wilson of Collision fame) interesting on the never ceasing charismatic v cessationist debate. A dear man I chatted to in the pub is now listening to ALL these talks on the Prodigal God and sending me long interesting text messages. I am taking him to listen to Lane Craig if he wants to come.

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