Monday, October 17, 2011

Destinations not airports

“On a fairly routine basis, airports get confused about what they are there for – and for whom. They think that if a bunch of planes are on the ground, close to the hub, and the concourse is full of people, they are winning. They apparently think they are the destination. Of course, when this happens, it means a bunch of people aren’t getting where they want to go… “The airport is a place of connection, not a destination. Its job is to help people get somewhere else. An airport-centric world of travel would be dull and frustrating, no matter how nice the airport is. When the church thinks it’s the destination [i.e. just get people to come to church] it also confuses the scorecard. It thinks that if people are hovering around and in the church, the church is winning. The truth is, when that’s the case, the church is really keeping people from where they want to go, from their real destination… The church is the connector, linking people to the kingdom life that God has for them. Substituting church activity as the preferred life expression is as weird as believing that airports are more interesting than the destinations they serve” (45).

Reggie McNeil, Missional Renaissance.

(h/t J R Briggs)

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