Saturday, October 22, 2011

For the pod: Passing the test has been an encouragement to me and Craig Groeschl's books and preaching continue to bless me. I can commend The Christian Atheist (which inspired a preaching series we are working through) and It and his new book Weird. This church brought the world You version (the most downloaded Bible App) among all sorts of other innovative vehicles for communicating the gospel in the 21C around the globe.

Yesterday in the car I listened to some excellent teaching by James MacDonald called Passing the Test Part 1 on dealing with life's trials. You and I may not be facing difficulty or trauma but we surely will at some point in the future and we would each one of us do well to listen and learn from James 1 and then to pray and prepare our hearts and minds for the things that lie ahead.

The second message is on Passing the test Part 2 is on giving and is a very good and challenging talk on generosity. They are both examples of good, solid and practical Bible teaching.

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