Monday, September 19, 2011

Why don't we hear more about heaven?

I have been away in Switzerland and while I was there I attended my friend's home group and her church.

She has had a question down the years that has bugged and frustrated her since she started following Jesus and this is it: Why don't we hear more about heaven in church? Why don't pastors preach on it? Why aren't we more excited about it?

To rectify this her group are studying Randy Alcorn's excellent material on heaven and I can't recommend it highly enough. I went through 50 days of heaven (faster than Randy recommends I know) while I was away as part of my devotions and was truly encouraged, fascinated, excited, amazed and at times surprised by it. Hear me on this- every Christian should read this book

Here is how they planned their studies

1. Buy everyone in the group a copy of 50 Days of Heaven and commit to reading it daily

2. Buy the study discussion guide 

3. Get a copy of the DVD

4. Plan the eight week study programme

5. Then buy the book called Heaven and keep it for reference.

6. Ask your pastor to think about preaching a series on Heaven and point them to these Outlines

So if you are struggling for an idea for your community/home group then this is great. Here is an introduction to it all from Randy Alcorn.

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