Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Ideal Conference

My pal wrote emailed me wondering which of these seminar options he should choose for his Diocesan conference. I haven't made this up I promise.....

1.  Advocacy at a time of Climate Crisis: What is our Christian calling?
2.  Is there a Legitimate Green Reading of the Bible?
3.  Earth Education for the Next Generation Greening: Greening our Sunday Schools
4.  Learning from Christian Aboriginal Traditions
5.  Local Food
6.  Practical parish Actions
7.  Crafting the Prayers of the People in the Time of Climate Crisis
8.  Theology & Ecology - Living Roots: Discovering and Recovering a Theology of Creation Care
9.  Urban & Community Gardening
10.  I don't plan to attend a workshop

As I reflected on my dear friend's behalf, I started to wonder about an ideal conference, what seminars might be offered and who might run them. It was quite fun simply writing a few off the top of my head and do feel free to add you own. 

1.  The New Birth ( J. Edwards)

2. Communicating the gospel to young people and their on-going discipleship (Paul and Timothy)

3. Preaching to unbelievers (G. Whitfield)

4. Organising the believers once you have seen them converted (J.Wesley)

5. Sharing your faith with others (B. Graham)

6. Prayer for Revival and experiencing it (The Moravians)

7. The Spiritual Gifts (J. Wimber)

8. Women in Ministry (J. Pullinger)

9. Pastoral letters (J. Newton/ S. Rutherford)

10. Community and training ordinands (D. Bonnhoeffer)

11. Preparing for martyrdom (J. Elliot)

12. Reaching men with the gospel (M. Driscoll)

13. The resurrection and eternity (T. Wright)

14. What is the Gospel? (T. Keller/ M Lloyd Jones)

15. Revival in an Anglican context (N. Gumbel)

16. Leading worship and writing songs for the church (C. Wesley)

17. Praying for the sick (H. Baker)

18. Raising leaders (B. Hybels)

19. What should an Anglican Bishop actually do and who should be doing it? (J. Stott)

20. Loving the poor ( M. Teresa)

21. Writing theology that lasts (J. Calvin/ T. Cranmer)

22. Coping with a season of theological controversy (Athanasias)

23. Prayer (Paul Yongi Cho)

24.  Facilitating and leading the church (The Holy Spirit)

25. The End Times (Daniel/ John)


Tim V-B said...

I think that conference needs a seminar called "How to survive Diocesan life when you are skeptical about man-made global warming." And then another one called "First things first: why Jesus came to seek and save the lost and why it might be a good idea for followers of Jesus to listen to his teaching and maybe even put it into practice. You know, that whole discipleship thing."

tallandrew said...

I like that Tim.

David, if you manage to pull those speakers together, I'll certainly be there. You're porbably just missing one seminar....

How to change society - W Wilberforce / J Newton

Richard Pennystan said...

Not surprised but also saddened by your friends diocesan seminar list. (I'm guessing here's a context & focus of the conference?)
Love your list, a great selection and I'd want to go to most of them, I'd probably end up at Calvin's doctrine seminar without choosing it myself ;-)
If she's not busy with her other seminars, It might be good to get Heidi Baker to assist M Theresa with the seminar on the poor. Also I'd love a panel discussion on theology of healing with Wimber & Bill Johnson & maybe the apostle Peter (reading early chs of acts at the moment)

john.watson60 said...

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