Monday, September 26, 2011

Men in church (or the lack of them)

Without question the best talks I have ever heard given to men on loving their wives and being on mission are two talks I heard preached in May called 'Faithful @ Home' and 'Faithful in Mission'.

The church can be a rather slow organism at times, but it is slowly awakening to the reality that it is men who so desperately need to be reached with the gospel in these days. If the C of E is to have a future then we  must surely come up with a plan as local churches on how we are going to reach the men and the fathers of this land with Christ. Happily New Wine and others are on to this.

In this film, Carl Beech who runs CVM has a stunning statistic that '..when you share Jesus with a man, in 93% of cases, he will then go on to bring his whole family to faith in Christ'.

You might like to encourage your church to pile a few men in a minibus or a few cars to go to one of these days in November.

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