Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Satellite link

Thanks for praying.

Annoyingly, the satellite link up to the other multi-sites (Willow, Saddleback, HTB and South Korea) weren't working for my 'conference'. Bill, Rick, Nicky and Paul will have to hear me another time. Just in case anyone was under the impression this was my launch onto the worldwide 'conference-circuit' it wasn't- thank the Lord. I'll leave that to others.

In fact, the location of my global evangelism summit was actually Sunbury-on-Thames. I was asked to bring a word of encouragement to a wonderful bunch of saints (all non C of E) doing door to door evangelism around the cities of our land. It was a joy. They were a scripture saturated, prayerful, faithful and jolly bunch. Evangelists are generally a lively lot.

So sadly I'm afraid, news that I am to be the next D L Moody is perhaps just a tad premature:)

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