Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jesus Culture

A friend gave me a copy of Kim Walkers album Here is my song a few years ago and I listened to it over and over and over again during a particular season of my life. She has the most incredibly amazing voice. Recently, I have been encouraged by the first song on Jesus Culture's first album called Your love never fails based on Romans 8.

I was chatting with a pal and he told me that the Jesus Culture movement was born out of a youth group worship band with a passion for worshipping Jesus and praying for revival (hard to argue with either of those as passions?) All the worship wallers from my old church are descending on London for a 'putting the band back together' reunion and I have talked to quite a few pals who are all planning on attending this night of worship and ministry. I will also be there with a crowd from here.  From all I hear, it should be quite an experience :)

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