Tuesday, October 12, 2010

UPDATE: The bible in one year

A short note of encouragement if you are joining us reading the Soul Survivor Bible in one Year .

I am happy to report that quite a few are on this journey through the Scriptures, although my survey of our young people suggested that a few are running a little behind:)  I play the grace card if I miss a day and relax about it. Mrs B on the other hand was horrified at this idea (one of the gang on this journey) and is determined to not miss a thing. She's amazing and a real inspiration if you are flagging a bit.

Job was a tad gloomy for some but at least it ended well! One reader said to me that the questions of complaint are just the same in people now as then. Interesting that....

You may not know, but daily there is a website to help you share the experience with others and have a bit of an explanation of the bigger picture.

You are not too late to join- just get a copy and start from where we are.

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